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Licensed with LA District UPCI in good standing. The pastor listed with each evangelist has acknowledged and given their approval of the minister’s listing and information given.


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BRYANT, GARY L. Lic. Status: General Ministry Since: 1975 Evangelizing Since: May 2001 Ministry Experience: pastor, associate pastor, tent ministry, mission work in Haiti, Belize, Jamaica, Mexico, organist for crusades, camp meetings Ministry Description: Full time evangelist for the past 14 years. My wife and I sing and have a CD available, used in the gifts of healings, miracles, wisdom and knowledge, camp meetings. My wife is used mightily of the Lord, she has spoken for ladies meetings and conferences, she started a widows ministry in Belize Phone: 423.653.8275 Email: Website: Pastor: Charles Hurst Additional Info: We live in a 42 foot with wheel … we are available for revivals, sunday and midweek services, special singing, and we love to do outreach jail and nursing home ministry.

Smith, DavidSMITH, DAVID  Lic. Status: Ordained  Ministry Since: 1989  Evangelizing Since: 1989   Ministry Experience: International Evangelist   Ministry Description: Man of God   Phone: 337.263.1010   Email:   Website:   Pastor: David Shatwell




HOLLOWAY, AARON AJ   Lic. Status  General   Ministry Since: August 2005   Evangelizing Since: 1989  Ministry Experience: Evangelist, Section Youth Director since 2010, GYD P7 resource director, Full time student pastor   Ministry Description: Full time evangelist   Phone: 337.706.4878   Email:   Website:   Pastor: Derald Weber   Comment: Full time evangelist since February 2017


BANKENS, RODNEY Lic. Status: Ordained Ministry Since: March 1989 Evangelizing Since: April 2016 Ministry Experience: Evangelized 12 years, pastor 17 years Ministry Description: Teaching, preaching, Sunday School, Children’s Ministry and End-Time Phone: 601.517.1111 Email: Website: Pastor: Pastor R. D. Treece

Merryman TerryMERRIMAN, KEVIN Lic. Status: General Ministry Since: March 1995 Evangelizing Since: January 2006  Ministry Experience: evangelized nationally as well as overseas Ministry Description: children and family ministry Phone: 337.842.5609 Email:  Website: Pastor: Pastor Aaron Lopez

SANNER, JIMMY Lic. Status: Ordained Ministry Since: 1997 Evangelizing Since: December 2015 Ministry Experience: 18 years, Ministry Description: pastor for 18 years in Hackberry, LA Phone: 337.515.9298 Email:  Pastor: Pastor Randy Stanton

STEVISON,TYLER  LA Lic Status: Ordained Ministry Since: November 2011 Fulltime Since: November 2011 Ministry Experience: youth pastor, sectional youth leader, evangelist Ministry Description: faith, Holy Ghost, anything God tells me to preach Phone: 337.377.3639 Email: Pastor: Mark Stanton  References: Rev. Jerry Dean, Rev. Tim Gaddy, Rev. Wayne Neyland, Rev. Gerald Norris, Rev. Mark Stanton


ESCURIEX, RENE P.  Lic. Status: Local  Ministry Since: May 2013  Evangelizing Since: May 2016  Ministry Experience: Pastor’s relief, preaching, Sunday School teaching, Children’s Church, altar worker, outreach (jail, nursing home), musician, worship leader  Ministry Description: to see every age, nation, tribe, people and tongue be everything that the Lord has called them (us) to be; I use music, object lessons and preaching in following the Lord to His purpose. i want to see churches grow and totally become that city on the hill – part hospital and part battleship. My pastor has witnessed My pastor has witnessed my in multiple settings including funerals and nursing home ministry as well as taking the church for him while he is on vacation, etc.  Phone: 337.654.9584  Email:  Pastor: Thomas Patterson

HUTCHINSON, JERRY Lic. Status: Ordained Ministry Since: October 1985 Evangelizing Since: March 1998 Ministry Experience: pastored twice, outreach  Ministry Description: preach the Word, soul winning, outreach teaching, praying Phone: 337.308.1373 Email:  Pastor: Pastor Thomas Patterson

SUMMERS, DANIEL Lic. Status: Local Ministry Since: October 2013 Evangelizing Since: 2000 Ministry Experience: children, youth, evangelical Ministry Description: working with children ministry since February 2015 Phone: 337.718.2015 Email:  Pastor: Pastor Thomas Murphy




CLARK, ERCEL LA Lic Status: General Ministry Since: January 2005 Fulltime Since: September 2008 Ministry Description: church evangelism, youth pastor, Assistant Pastor, sound media, music  Phone: 318.290.9989 Email:  Website:   Pastor: PastorAnthony Mangun

MODGLIN, HAL Lic. Status: General Ministry Since: November 2009 Evangelizing Since: July 2011 Ministry Experience: pastor, bible school teacher, evangelizing Ministry Description: weekend services – focus on healing, encouragement, salvation – love reaching out to small churches Phone: 318.664.6928 Email:  Pastor: James White

LASSITER, ANELLE LA Lic Status: Local Ministry Since: June 2009 Ministry Experience: 19 years part time ministry Phone: 949.484.3288 Email: Pastor: Pastor Anthony Mangun

LOLLAR, JOEL Lic. Status: Ordained Ministry Since: June 1982 Evangelizing Since: August 1987 Ministry Experience: Evangelist, assistant pastor, music director Ministry Description: evangelist, singer, musician Phone: 318.264.8974 Email:   Pastor: Pastor Anthony Mangun

RECORDS, PAUL  Lic. Status: General Ministry Since: Aug/2008  Evangelizing Since: Jan/2018  Ministry Experience / Description: For the last three years, I have focused on leadership training and evangelism overseas in the South Pacific. During this time, I have also served on staff as administrative pastor in Ball, LA under Rev. Lonnie Weidner. On Jan 1, my wife and I will transition to serve as evangelists with a goal to empower people for apostolic ministry and communicate the gospel in creative ways so that the lost are saved.  Phone: 3373710392  Email:  Website Address If Applicable:  Pastor’s Name: Derald Weber  Additional Information or Comment: For the last three years, my wife and I have served as Administrative Pastors at Church of Pentecost in Ball, LA, pastored by Rev. Lonnie Weidner (Cell: 318-447-1451).  I hold a B.A. in History & Political Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I have served as an AIMer in the South Pacific and I am classified as an Associated Minister with Global Missions. While serving as an AIMer, I traveled by boat to multiple islands in the Solomon Islands teaching apostolic doctrine, distributing ministry resources, and training national church leaders. I have since ministered and trained leaders in four different South Pacific countries including Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and Australia. A large part of my focus overseas has been the development of Bible Schools in the South Pacific. Over three trips to the Solomon Islands in three years I worked with National Leaders and Regional Director Roger Buckland to implement the structure necessary for the launch of a Bible school campus in the capital city of Honiara. I has written a full-length Bible College curriculum, entitled Legacy, which plays a central role in the development of leaders across the Solomon Islands. Currently, The Legacy Course is also being taught in Bible Schools in Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.

ROBBINS, JASON   Lic. Status: Local   Ministry Since: July 2001   Evangelizing Since: February 2006   Ministry Experience: Evangelism, revival, deliverance, pastoral counseling, ministry team building, bible studies, youth, prison ministry, etc.   Phone: 318.542,1748   Email:   Pastor: Pastor Anthony Mangun   Add’l Comments: I have been involved in pulpit ministry for 15 years, having cut my teeth in the prisons of central La. I have ministered Internationally on numerous occasions. I am currently on Youth Staff at The POA and one of the ministry team leaders. I have a passion for revival and evangelism. Please reach out to my Pastor for permission and references.


GIVENS, JAMES Lic. Status: Local Ministry Since: 2010 Evangelizing Since: January 2012 Ministry Experience: prison ministry, assistant pastor, evangelist Ministry Description: evangelist in U.S., Ghana, and South America Phone: 318.290.7418 Email:  Pastor: Pastor Donald Givens

GIVENS, SHARMELA KETWANO Lic. Status: Ordained Ministry Since: January 1999 Evangelizing Since: January 1999 Ministry Description: Pastor, teacher, bible school teacher in Guyana, evangelizing Phone: 318.542.3934 Email:  Pastor: Pastor Donald Givens


GORDEN, EDDIE Lic. Status: Local  Ministry Since: 1992 Evangelizing Since: 2012 Ministry Experience: children and family ministry  Ministry Description: specialize in children ministry  Phone: 318.547.5491 Email: Website: Pastor: Dwight Fulton


REEVES, CLINT  LA Lic Status: Local  Ministry Since: June 2005  Fulltime Since: March 2016  Ministry Experience: 8 years past time evangelism; 3 years full time pastoral assist.  Ministry Description: Full-time Evangelist  Phone: 318.537.2699  Email:  Pastor: Pastor Jimmy Masters

THORNHILL, MARK   LA Lic Status: Local License  Ministry Since: July 2015  Ministry Experience: Youth, kids, praise and worship  Additional Information: Local minister based from The Family Church Winnfield, LA under pastor Joel Hines.    Mark serves as part of the praise team, the drama team leader, ministry team. He is married to his wife Misty of 15 yrs. and works in marketing for a nursing home. He is available to minister with children’s ministry, youth services or to the body as a whole. Can supply references as needed.   Phone: 318.413.0515  Email:  Pastor: Joel Hines

WELCH, RODGER DALE   LA Lic Status: Local License   Ministry Since: July 1978    Full-time Since: July 1982   Ministry Experience: pastor, assistant pastor and currently full-time evangelist   Phone: 318.505.5874   Email:  Pastor: Pastor Gary Taylor

WOODARD, JERRY Lic. Status: Ordained Ministry Since: 2001 Evangelizing Since: Marchl 2016 Ministry Experience: preaching and teaching Ministry Description: Truly rely and excited to see what God can do by pouring out His glory Phone: 318.209.9023 Email: Pastor: Pastor Joel Hines


CORSON, D. C.  LA Lic. Status: Local  Ministry since: 1971  Evangelizing Since: 1971   Ministry Experience:  Pastor, assistanc pastor & evangelist   Ministry Focus: Combination of evangelistic prophetic deliverance, healing, salvation – preaching and ministry.  Phone: 318.268.5443   Email:  Pastor Curtis Spears   Called to ministry at the young age of 11.  Served in different capacity of ministry, such as international, national, state and local evangelist.  Has several years of experience as assistant pastor and pastor for.

Keith FletcherFLETCHER, KEITH  LA Lic Status: Ordained FULL-TIME    Ministry Since: April 2004    Full-Time Since: July 2007    Ministry Experience: Evangelist since 2004 – prior, involved in different church ministry    Ministry Focus:  End Time Prophecy & Spiritual Authority    Email:    Website:    Pastor: Pastor Jerry Dean Phone: 318.742.9539


JOHNSON, ROY   LA Lic Status: Ordained   Ministry Since:  December 1989   Evangelizing Since:  June 2016   Ministry Experience: Bus/SS/Assistant Pastor/Church Planter/Pastor/Teacher/Evangelist   Ministry Focus: Helping Churches at the beginning of revival by renewing a love for the Truth   Phone: 318-220-6536   Email:   Website Address:   Pastor’s Name: Jerry Dean   Additional Information: How much more could a church have an impact for the kingdom of God with a renewed love for the the truth? Everyone gets bogged down in the mundane day to day life. I can help congregations get that hunger back for digging into the word of God. With that hunger comes a renewed desire to teach and disciple others. To have our minds more on God and the things of God. Would you believe that through everyday speech you are talking about God. Whenever you introduce yourself, you say, “I am ……..”, or if you about to do something you say, “I am about to ……”. We are talking more about the “I am” more than we realize and we are always putting Him first, even in our speech. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” (Isaiah 26:)


PASTORELLA, HOWARD J. Lic. Status: Ordained Ministry Since: 1997 Evangelizing Since: 1997 Ministry Experience: Director of Freedom Ministry Description: Providing information products and service to reach those who are using alcohol/drugs  Phone: 504.909.6581 Email: Website: Pastor: Pastors Tommy & Derek Parker