NAM National Evangelists


Below is the criteria to be followed to become a National Enrolled Evangelist with the UPCI.

A. Be a licensed minister of the United Pentecostal Church in good standing.
B. Have been a full-time evangelist for one year.
C. Have the approval of their District, having met the criteria set forth by their District for full-time evangelist ministry. NAM suggests the following guidelines for consideration as a full-time evangelist:
1. Definition of a full-time evangelist: Involved in revival services outside your home church 75% of the year (i.e. 39 Sundays/weeks). (Full time work in North America is generally accepted as 32 – 40 hours per week or 80 – 100% of a 40-hour work-week)
2. Accountability: An evangelist must have a pastor and home church in their District that is recorded with the District.
3. Contact Information: Should be on file with the District Evangelist Coordinator. (If a District Evangelist Coordinator has not yet been appointed, the North American Missions District Director will serve as District Evangelist Coordinator)
D. Have a letter from their District verifying their status as a full-time evangelist on file with North American Missions.
E. Attend at least one Evangelist Seminar sponsored by North American Missions, or, when available, complete the training online.
F. Must pay $50 per calendar year as an enrollment fee to the Evangelists Ministry of the UPCI. If the evangelist is currently a monthly sponsor of the P.I.E. program, this annual fee may be waived.If this fits your description, please click on the form icon below and fill out the information to be listed in the NAM National Enrolled Evangelist listing.

To enroll as a NAM National Enrolled Evangelist with the UPCI – click here then click on Evangelist on toolbar and application in dropdown.   (this does not enroll you or list you on this site, you will have to click on the form below to become listed on this page as an NAM National Enrolled Evangelist, once you have met the above requirements.)


You have met all the requirements listed above and you are registered and listed as a NAM NATIONAL ENROLLED EVANGELISTS, click on the form below to be listed on the LA NAM NATIONAL ENROLLED LIST.  All NAM National Enrolled Evangelists can be listed here regardless which state you where licensed in.Minister Info Form


BEARDSLEY, JASON  Phone: 815.505.7861  Email:  Website:  Pastor: Gary Randol

BRYANT, GARY  Phone: 423.653.8275  Email:  Website:  Pastor: Charles Hurst


Chandler, Tim

CHANDLER, TIM – THE CHANDLERS    Phone: 731.514.1714   Email:    Website: www.thechandlersmusic   Pastor: Wendell Jellison



Cook, Stan


COOK, STAN  Phone: 662.213.0470  Email:  Website:  Pastor: Mark Foster


CULVER, LEA   Phone: 937.272.4581    Email:    Website:    Pastor: Ken Dillingham


Keith Fletcher


FLETCHER, KEITH  Phone: 318.572.3286  Email:  Website:   Pastor: Jerry Dean



Tim Greene


GREENE, TIM  Phone: 404.304.7629  Email:  Website:  Pastor: Daril Johns



HART, JEREMY  Phone: 918.348.8500  Email:  Website:  Pastor: Mike Hart


Klinedinst Doug


KLINEDINST, DOUG  Phone: 636.284.1206  Email:  Website:



MAHANEY, NICK  Phone: 501.766.1032  Email:  Website:  Pastor: James Lumpkin

MANNING, KEITH   Phone: 2517521686   Email:   Website:   Pastor: Brian Kinsey

Tim Marshall sm


MARSHALL, TIMOTHY J Phone: 6013415169  Email:  Website:  Pastor: James Carney



RANDOL, GREG  Phone: 309.912.1660  Email:  Website:  Pastor: Gary L. Randol

Rice Heath


RICE, HEATH   Phone: 918.706.9050   Email:   Pastor: Jonathan Haygood



WINTERS, MARK  Phone: 225.324.7859  Email:  Website:  Pastor W. Ray Johnson